Back office system for onboard retail. Solution includes tools for meal planning, loading content, flights scheduling, dispatching material, printing relevant invoicing and inventory documents.
Inflight+ supports also mobile sale terminals for onboard sales.
System works on the Windows Azure platform and is available as a web application.

And how it works?


You can load any data to ERP system using ODATA protocol Back office app for onboard sales. Manage flight content, dispatching, CREW and mPOS settings, reports etc. You can use any device and mobile app to have a sale terminal  Bill printing /
Card payment


Manage trolley assemblies, their content, loading for individual flights. Assemblies and trolleys are created separately for each carrier.

Standard trolley

Define products and their positions in drawers. Amount of products may be depending on some conditions, like PAX amount.


Assembly is assigned to a specific flight Nr. You may have several different load types to use (e.g. for each aircraft type). Assemblies can be created depending on:

- product types (beverages, equipment)

- type of PAX

- products for sale


Group of standard or individual trolleys, which defines flight content.

Configuration of flight content

User can choose default configuration, edit it or add individual content.

Configuration options

• add or delete assembly

• add, delete or change products in trolley

• create new trolley and its loading (typical for business flights)


Flights are loaded from flight schedule. You can add non-scheduled flight. Amount of PAX, types of aircrafts and configurations are refreshed according to actuality.

User is informed about status by colour fields. States are:

• created – flight content is created depending on configuration

• outgoing – created products were putted out of stock and documents for invoicing are prepared

• checked-in – data for sales terminal are ready

• returned – sales data are loaded to application and returned goods is revised

• completed - locked for updates

When user will choose standard configuration, he can checked in the flight in one step. If user wants to make some changes in trolleys, he must create, change and check-in the flight. Material plan for a day is also available. But all flights for current day must be created.


Inflight+ offers also a solution for onboard sales.

Board crew can sale products by POS or mPOS terminals.

Sale terminals record all sales, prices and cash balance and sends required data to Inflight+, where you can analyse them.

Our mobile application "Inflight mPOS terminal" is now available on Google Play.

Get it on Google Play
Inflight mPOS terminal features:
  1. Direct connection with Inflight+ to load flight content and save sales data. No need to work with additional ZIP files or FTP storage.
  2. Predefined user roles for loading content / onboard sale / saving sales data.
  3. Multi- currency and price lists capabilities
  4. Retrieves data for more flights
  5. Input and output inventory of the trolley content
  6. Mobile app enables operation on a wide range of devices. Easy installation from Windows Store or Google Play.


Interface provides real-time data about warehouse, outgoing materials and onboard operation using ODATA protocol. Integration with Reporting tools or ERP systems.

Our solution helps catering or travel providers to increase revenues and improve business process.


Workflow for this kind of retail needs the records about revenues in multiple currencies on one side, and cash return from crew staff on the other side. And the task is to pair it all together!

Cash return

App primarily designed for accounting/finance dept. for analyse revenues. You can get several important outputs like:

Cash balance in basic currency for selected time period. Possible drilldown for revenue/flight, crew members and other currency details.

Balance for crew member – filter by crew member and date – a basis for bonus payment, or checking whether all revenues are collected from crew.

Crew desk

This app gives balance information to crew members. Users can login via Facebook, and display only their own data – cash balance for serviced flights, month summary with drilldown details. Optimized for mobile devices.