Inflight manual

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cashCrew desk

This app gives balance information to crew members. Optimized also for mobile devices.
Users can login via facebook account, and app displays only their own data:

- cash balance for serviced flights
- month summary with drilldown details.

Login page

Crew member identification

Crew administrator (user role) is responsible to assign crew member to his/her Facebook account. If the FB account email is identical to crew email inserted in app, it will be done automatically. Or it can be done manually (email is not identical or is not entered in system) For the first time Crew member can send user request to administrator to allow him/her to use app.  


New user

For sending user account request, please follow these steps:

1. Go to login page:

2. Enter your Crew ID and PIN > Send account request

Your request will be approved by app administrator within 24 hours.

3. Login to app via your FB account.


Video tutorial